Converting CMYK to RGB

To convert up to eight CMYK colors to their RGB equivilents, enter the individual values of C, M, Y, and K for each color into the table below, and submit the form. The results will appear on a separate page.

C, M, Y, and K values should be entered as integers ranging from 1 to 100. Blank values are treated as zeroes. If you submit less than eight colors, the remainder will be convert to white.

No. Cyan Magenta Yellow blacK


Four questions you may have....

What are CMYK and RGB?

They're color spaces. CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow Black) is used by graphic designers and printers. RGB (Red Green Blue) is used by web designers and CRT monitors.

Why does this page exist?

Several years ago, I bought a copy of The Designer's Guide to Color for inspiration. It's a great book, but all its color combinations are described in CMYK. I needed an easy way to convert CMYK to RGB.

Does it work?

Sometimes. The CMYK and RGB color spaces each contain colors that the other lacks, and there's no universally agreed-upon formula for converting between the two. (This form actually displays the results of two different conversion forumlae.) Conversion can be thrown off by differences in monitors, too, since cmyk2rgb has no way to determine the gamma settings of your monitor. Also, I'm the world's worst Perl hacker.

So what good is it?

cmyk2rgb doesn't get the conversion perfect, but it usually gets close. Use it as starting point for you're attempts at eyeballing it. Use it for inspiration. Use it to get your mind thinking about color. Use it however it makes you happy. I just provide the tools, you know?